In the far North of a land lost to time, there lies a fertile plain surrounded by mountains on all sides. These mountains are home to all manner of beasts and monsters, and also to five clans. If asked, the inhabitants would call this land within the mountains Hession, but it is a name unknown to outsiders, who only know the great peaks as the Caraban Mountains. Likewise, the people of Hession have no name for the world outside; they are prisoners within their own land.

The five clans are made up respectively of Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Men, and Orcs; they have existed in harmony thanks to the constant threat of terrible monsters from the mountain depths, but there have been periods where tensions were high and war was commonplace. Through various trials, and greater threats from outside the clans, an uneasy peace was forced upon Hession. A peace that did nothing to right the wrongs of the last war. It is held only in place by the old fearful patriarchs that are quickly losing influence or dying of old age. The new generation is young and reckless, but it is the dawn of a new era, one which holds the hope of change.

Despite the tension between the clans, a small faction has arisen from the misfits and adventurers dissatisfied with the path their own clans are taking. Though their races and opinions differ greatly, they share a common goal: escape the mountain, or die trying. They are the lowest and least influential group in Hession: Bad Incorporated.

Bad Inc. (Song of the Hession)